At Iridescent Networks, we believe the web has the power to revolutionize video consumption in the same way that mobility revolutionized voice. Our mission is to enable consumers and businesses to connect, share and enjoy economical any to any reliable broadband streaming services.

Our products deliver high quality video solutions to network providers, enabling services directly from web sites to consumer’s broadband access. Our solution is highly scalable and cost-effective. Our strategies enable a truly revolutionary alternative to today’s costly low-quality solutions.

We are an experienced team of network solution developers, engineers, and business people. We have lead teams in the network industry, at both small and large companies, delivering compelling products for customers and returns for investors. Located in the North Texas region, we have access to the resources needed to bring our products to market.

Currently we are developing our products. We welcome an opportunity to discuss how our solutions will integrate with your networks, servers and delivery solutions today.